It's that time of the month again -- the July 2020 Update Blog is live!

I have said we have too much news to list for several previous entries, but that's especially true today. This is the biggest update we've had yet.

- @postmarketOS Edition preorders live
- OG upgrade kit back on horizon
- with @JF firmware upcoming
- Say hello to

@PINE64 No update on the PineTab???????

Sorry, I'm just anxious. I'll wait. Over there. In the corner. Weeping quietly to myself.

@postmarketOS @JF

@PINE64 I'll have to read this over the course of the day. Really exciting stuff. 😊

Is there any word on PineTab stuff, though? 🙂

@PINE64 @postmarketOS

A PinePhone 3GB RAM and 32GB storage ?! I already have a Braveheart but i'm down for this. I have two hands afterall and love spare devices.

@PINE64 @postmarketOS @JF
Just pre-ordered the Convergence package of the Pinephone and I feel like now Purism is going to have an even harder time competing with the Pinephone. What an amazing blog post, what an amazing value, so much to unpack. Pine64 you are on fire!

@PINE64  I took note of what seems to me to be your first product that uses RISC-V.  That is an awesome first step for the pine64 community to gain experiance with it. You are paving the way for innovation and growth in opensource tech. Thank you!

Hopefully in the next year or 2 we'll see another RISC-V based product that will encorage even more experiance and growth. Then maybe we'll see a full fledged RISC-V SBC come around, "The PineV" or "The PineFive," sometime in the next 4 years (I'm dreaming here). Whatever you do, just keep being awesome!

Actually looks like a couple hours ago there is a crowdsupply campain that just started for a RISC-V SoC SBC (looks big though).

But hey, a few years ago a similar board cost over $1000. So a board now that costs under $500 is pretty good. Maybe we could be closer to a "PineFive" than I thought. Prices need to come down a bit more before it's in my budget range. But I would be on board buying one for that price if there were instructions on how to install Linux.


Any chance there will be a Convergence package with the UBPorts PinePhone?

@postmarketOS @JF

@zack @postmarketOS @JF

We are done selling UBPorts Edition PinePhones. However, you can still load UBPorts on this model, or locate a compatible dock.

Any plans for 10"-12" version of the Pinebook Pro? I'd take one, but 14" is just too yuge for me.

@ruff @PINE64 Hm, with less compute power there are and . I like the idea of the #pinetab with the optional keyboard and especially with the optional LTE build in. A bit more RAM would be nice. I'll wait how I get along with the #pinephone.

@chrichri @PINE64 Yes that's exactly the form factor I had in mind. I was planing to buy that one some years ago but then friend of mine bought it and it appeared to be not mainlined at all so I dropped the idea. Now it is mainlined but I have braveheart with the same a64. so 11" Pro will be just the missing piece.

@PINE64 huge update! just wondering: I'm waiting for the "final" #PinePhone revision for as close to a plug-n-play experience as possible. Is the Convergence Edition with the 1.2a mainboard that? Or should I hold off?

@nick As far as we know, the 1.2a should be the final revision. But we also thought that about the original 1.2 before a couple issues were discovered.

@PINE64 @nick what about the hackability aspect, are the upgrades in this iteration compatible with the previous one in a way that one could DIY-upgrade their own unit?

@nick @PINE64

To be honest, a plug-n-play experience is likely more about the state of the software than the hardware revision.

I'd write down what the minimum features you really feel you would need for a phone to feel daily driver ready for you, then regularly check the lists most distro's have of what's working against that.

I'd happily make do with Braveheart revision, but then I only really need calls, texts, mobile data and a browser. (Happy camera is working though!)

@Blort @PINE64 fair point. Really I'm just trying to find the point at which I can put my money down but not be kicking a few months myself once a revision is released. I'm fine with letting the software catch up, but there's no OTA hardware :)

Makes sense. So far the hardware revisions have been very minor. Some time there may be a bigger one though. My guess though is that they'll always be iterating with every batch released, and the hardware will continue to get better each time for as long as @PINE64 are still selling the #Pinephone. If you wait for it to be "done" you just might be waiting for a very, very long time. 😉

@Blort @nick @PINE64 I heard they didn't have tests for all the hardware done yet, so they couldn't find issues like the USB-C problem at the factory before. They've got a new factory image based on postmarketOS now, and they've likely found the last of the major hardware bugs. As far as spec improvements, the RAM is now at the max the SoC supports. Could be a few years before one based on a newer SoC comes out. It's likely pretty much "done" now on the HW side.

@bdju @Blort @PINE64 oh I didn't know the A64 only supports up to 3GB of RAM. Kind of a funny number. Anyway, thanks for the info! Very helpful.

@PINE64 @postmarketOS @JF
I've tried get one, but there is no shipping option to Argentina :(

@Blort @PINE64 @postmarketOS @JF I like the sound of a home assistant integration that would be awesome .

@PINE64 @postmarketOS @JF dammit! Pine64 I now need to buy a pinephone , pinecube, pinecil , pinetime and a rockpro64 . Stop making things or my wife will leave me .

On a more serious note a pinephone with 3gb ram and 32gb storage should become the new standard for pinephone .

Nice work guys 👍 looking forward to an update on the pinetab .

Yeah... I just ordered one... my wife is not exactly happy with me.

@PINE64 @postmarketOS @JF

Wait... okay, now I'm reading the blog post... jeeeeeeeez! They have so many beautiful things and I might be single again soon because I want all of these things!
@PINE64 @postmarketOS @JF

@GreyLinux @PINE64 @postmarketOS @JF They can't promise the 3GB pinephone variant because the 3GB ram chip they use is very uncommon, and future models with that chip depends if they can secure more.

@briana @PINE64 @postmarketOS @JF wow ! I didn't know that , well that's makes pine64's effort to secure a limited amount for a trial even more impressive.

@PINE64 Great news about EU shipping! Just to be sure: when you say that the warehouse "will only be used for PinePhones", I hope it will include Convergence?

@PINE64 @JF @postmarketOS That looks really good 👍 I want to order a PinePhone with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage but without Paypal.Any change to do it with regular bank transfer?Some people said it works if I contact but what information do I need to send you there?

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