Thanks to the work of Samuel Holland, crust advanced power management is now capable of running the for 100hrs in idle without the modem (approximately 110mW). With modem on, we should get 40% battery run-time increase (to approx 24 hrs).
Coming to your distro of choice soon!

@nurinoas That's up to the distro you use on the PineTab, but it should work the same.

@PINE64 OK wow, that's actually really really convenient???

@PINE64 does the modem also have some low-power state which you don't yet know how to take advantage of, or is 350mW as low as it'll ever get?

@PINE64 What is this crust battery management and where's the link to its source code?
@PINE64 Wow, this is hero-level work. They took on the unpleasant task of writing a firmware from scratch for an ancient, known-buggy CPU using unsupported, ancient toolchains.

@PINE64 This is amazing, what is the status on the Postmarket OS version of the Pinephone going up for pre-order? It's almost the middle of July.

When can I throw my money at you for that sweet Postmarket phone?

@PINE64 I would be very happy with 24 hours, thank you very much. :) I imagine that other things are going to continue to improve battery life even further, even things that aren't obviously power related, like hardware video acceleration, instead of using the CPU to brute force video playback.

@PINE64 In idle time it already is possible to run android that long when the correct tools are used. Simply install leaddroid, turn of buzzers, warning, etc... Do not forget to turn of gps and blutooth too

@PINE64 Did you test it with 4-5 messengers installed and logged in? ;)

@PINE64 Yes!! Well done! This is insanely good! You guys are fantastic keep it up!

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