Last handful of
@ubports CE are now available. Once they're sold we will donate the remaining money to the UBports Foundation and close the UBCE campaign.

Buy now and have it shipped soon. NB. DHL shipments only.

Unbelievable! 🤩 one from the very last batch.

Thanks @PINE64 for sharing the information here.

...I am so looking forward to this.


@Stellwerk @PINE64 @ubports Prinzipiell ja. Ubuntu Touch läuft ja auch OK auf Geräten mit 1 GB Ram (zB Bq Aquaris E 4.5). Mehr RAM ist natürlich immer besser - die flagship-level devices mit mehr RAM sind natürlich noch etwas flotter, aber kosten auch entsprechend mehr ;)

@PINE64 @ubports Is the displayport on USB-C issue fixed in this one?

@PINE64 Is this the pinephone that will run other OSes or is there going to be more powerfull boards released in the future. Also would new mobo be swappable is there is something more powerfull in the future?

@PINE64 @ubports “Sorry, we do not have enough "PINEPHONE - “Community Edition: UBports" Limited Edition Linux SmartPhone" in stock to fulfill your order right now. Please try again in 4320 minutes or edit your cart and try again. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.” 😭

@AntonioVinas @PINE64 @ubports strange, it didn't tell me to wait 3 days and I think I ordered it a bit after you posted this

(saying it in minutes makes it sound like an eternity too lol)

@Blort @PINE64 @ubports Did you manage to install Signal (or Signal desktop)?

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