We'd like to welcome Apple to the world of ARM-based laptops. You're a couple years late to the party, though, but better now than never? 😉

I believe they were PowerPC. Another RISC based chipset but not ARM.

@PINE64 I mean... You actually believe powerpc and ARM are that different?! Hahahaha

@seven They're both RISC architectures. That's about all they have in common. To claim they are the same is kind of like saying that coffee and tea are the same thing because they both come from plant material.

@PINE64 O_O If I don't have to switch toolchains to build my nix of choice on either or, they aren't "that" different...

That said, my point is they are not new to the non-intel game for a PC and have more experience with it than anyone else, even if they haven't been doing it, for a while...

@seven @PINE64
as if you can put nix on there, this is Apple, remember?

but anyways, the toolchains would be different
RISC just means they have a limited number of instructions, but that doesn't mean ARM and PowerPC would have the same limited number of instructions


I can put anything on there I want (macos is a bsd varient anyways so it's nix). Linus used macbook airs for years for kernel dev... O_o


@seven well yeah, the underlying OS is Darwin. Apple uses it for both iOS and macOS.
But with it being ARM and their own silicon, good luck getting past their DRM and such. Definitely doesn't have EFI.
Linux is traditionally x86, and it'll probably stay x86 first for a few more years.
I am saying all this despite owning a PBP, running Arch.

@the I mean I've ran non intel linux, well a very long time...

As for their DRM, consider how much focus will be on breaking it, much like iOS jailbreak, it's not going to be long, regardless of what they do... ;)

I'm all for different random tech don't get me wrong, I just don't think "welcome to the show" is the best message, instead something like "welcome back to the fold" would be more constructive. Consider what their dev army could and probably will do for the arch ( I have ran arch on a ppc macbook, I'm not going to say it was fun to get working, but it can work, slackware too).

@seven @the @PINE64 They’re using their iPad chips. This means no booting of anything but macOS and every reinstall requiring an internet connection to reactivate your Mac. You will own your computer as little as an iPhone then. Dark times ahead.

@seven @the @PINE64 Yes. iOS is already like this. And ARM MacBooks will be the same.

@PINE64 To this I say comparing the two is more like comparing Gala Apples to say Fuji Apples, they are both Apples but different Apples...

@seven @PINE64

yes, they are. Completely. Just look how the powerPC is accessing memory addressing.


Meh... Look, one tool chain, code runs on both... O_o maybe not as efficient on one vs the other, but it will function...

I think ones idea of whats the same and whats different varies a but from person to person, personally one risc chip is the same as another, some perform better than others... Can my software go where it needs to, yes is the answer, I could load a linux built with ppc, it'll run fine on most desktop arms... (I've done it)


@seven @PINE64

“one risc chip is same of another” means I can’t get the difference between MIPS, PA-Risc, ARm, Sparc or PowerPC?

Ok, enough for me, but then you should not lecture people about CPUs. You have very little to lecture about.


Lolz, I mean whatever, wanna go on believing marketing that's your deal. Additional features don't mean you have some new arch.

Great it calls itself advanced risc, so what... I can use the same garbage kernel from forever ago, and still task that chip. Sure it does this or that different, but mistaking it for something actually different from any reduced instruction cpu is kinda sad honestly...

I've been working on bare metal kernels for decades, so if you think it's that different, more power to you, but your still wrong. The fact I can run a kernel and os made for ppc from forever ago on a pinebook kinda says, not that different.

Sure MIPS is slightly different, all in your list have variances, but again we are talking different flavors of apples here, not apples to oranges...


@seven @PINE64

if you think difference between , by example, Sparc and ARM, or PowerPC and ARM are just “addictional feature”, you know abount NOTHING about what a CPU IS.

You should not even try to take part to a discussion.

Blocking you.

@seven @loweel @PINE64 Why are you embarrassing yourself saying such dense things? Do you enjoy the response?

I spat my drink out laughing at this. PowerPC and ARM architectures is like comparing x86_64 to Itanium!


I am to please, though dreadfully sorry about your drink... :/


@PINE64 @seven
.. - ... / -. --- - / - .... . .. .-. / ..-. .. .-. ... - / - .. -- . / --- -. / .-. .. ... -.-. / - .... --- ..- --. ....

@PINE64 Any plans for RISC-V tho? Or is that a slightly far future?

@PINE64 @Genstar would be cool even a simple SBC with RISC-V that supports linux, as the only ones are extremely expensive
@Genstar @PINE64 that would be extremely cool but it's going to take a while before RISC-V SoCs with similar price/performance show up on the market. might never happen at that


Can't wait for them to unveil what will probably just be a $1500 Pinebook minus the privacy; security and user repairability.

@PublicNuisance @PINE64 But hey it runs a proprietary fork of BSD so Worth it!!!1!

@Genstar @PINE64
RISC-V would be aweaome, but I recognize that RISC-V SoC chips are very new, and would take a long time to get a clean running desktop environment. The good news is that it has already been done once, but it cost thousands of US $. I hope pine64 has this as a goal to do sometime in the next 6 years.
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