Announcement time:

We now have our own Matrix homeserver, and it is running on hardware just like the rest of our online infrastructure! All our discussion/support channels have been moved to it as their main address.

Did I also mention it's open for user registration? 😊

@PINE64 This is really cool! Are there maybe any plans to migrate to matrix's upstream bridges instead of the Pine64 Protocol Droid? The bridges offer a way better end user experience, because they are actually syncing room membership and using virtual accounts, instead of just having a bot relay the message with the source and user prepended.

If you need any help/support regarding that stuff, feel free to ping me!

@jcgruenhage We're considering it, but those bridges would be a severe pain to maintain, as we have 7 channels each on 4 different platforms, each of which needs its own bridge instance.

While the "Protocol Droid" (matterbridge) is just one bridge that does everything with minimal fuss.

@PINE64 @jcgruenhage ehm you shouldn't need multiple instances, just once irc bridge service, one telegram bridge service and one discord bridge service

@martijnbraam @PINE64 @jcgruenhage Yup, only need 1 bridge per service you want to bridge to, you don't need a separate bridge per channel.

_Please_ move to proper Matrix bridges, I tend to ignore what anyone says in the PinePhone channels just because it's hard to read and follow currently.

@PINE64 the 4 different platforms are Matrix, IRC, Telegram and Discord, right? That sounds like 3 bridge instances to me. The migration might be fairly painful (considering you'll need to configure each of the 7 rooms with each of the 3 bridges), but the matrix community is very helpful there. If there is anything you need help with, I can help you directly or connect you to the right people for help.

@jcgruenhage @PINE64 The way they're doing it currently actually formats way better on the IRC side for stuff like replies and other multiline things. It uses more whitespace but then looks more like the real matrix post and is more readable. Compare #pinephone to #postmarketos and you'll see what I mean. The replies are way easier to read in #pinephone.

@brad @PINE64 Currently don't have an IRC client ready, and even if I did, I wouldn't want to wait in it for replies to happen.. Do you have screenshots available?

@jcgruenhage @PINE64 Sure, here. The matrix bridge squishes it all together on one line and also cuts off the original message in most cases. The bot in the PinePhone channel posts quoted message, new line, reply, all in a row.
@jcgruenhage @PINE64 I think people are hung up on the fact that they have to look a bit further over due to the bot's name, but the formatting matters a lot more, imo. And this is coming from someone who tries to use 4 character nicks on IRC to not bump messages over much.

@brad @PINE64 I think it's worth noting, that the formatting on the IRC Matrix bridge is fixable though. I'll forward this feedback to the people responsible for the IRC bridge in matrix, let's hope this get's a bit better soon :)

@brad @PINE64 Just to be clear though (not really an expert on IRC), multiple lines == multiple messages in IRC, right?

@jcgruenhage @PINE64 yes, IRC doesn't natively have multi-line messages

@brad @PINE64 I can see why this is done then.. splitting messages is a bit.. weird. It can also cause problems like people sending a message in between, making it less readable.. But this really should be configurable or something like that

@jcgruenhage @PINE64 a pretty standard quoting style in IRC (just plain IRC to IRC chats) often involves copy/pasting the full line of log and then replying to it in your next message, so it's not actually that weird. You're right that someone can squeeze their message in the middle, but this is a minor issue. I'd think it should also be rare to happen if the lines are sent close enough together.

@brad @PINE64 I think it'd actually be helpful to get a survey or something going, collecting input for how to handle the IRC side of the bridge from IRC veterans, getting to know what are pain points in the current impl.

@jcgruenhage @PINE64 I've witnessed several times people on the IRC side of a big channel instruct people posting from Matrix to not use the built-in reply function because of it showing up badly on IRC (instead doing it IRC style like I described). A survey is not a bad idea.
Just found two examples of people complaining in my log with a quick grep:

2019-06-20 16:10 < vagrantc> Marlin[m]: i think your matrix client interacts with IRC strangely when you quote people.
2019-12-03 18:26 <@nckx> Also no need to Matrix-quote on IRC 🙂 People don't expect it here.

@Scottws That's not how Matrix works. Use that URL as the homeserver on a Matrix client. :)

@PINE64 @Scottws Well, could be a good idea to put a small page to explain that?

@PINE64 good luck with the open registrations for a server running on #RockPro64

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