@PINE64 ARG! I had to wait on a check so I could buy a PineTab and they're all gone?? NOOOO!!!!

Sold out?? Will there be another run of tablets??

Well I can be patient and it is freaking awesome that you sold out first run in two days! I'm pumped to get the phone!

@PINE64 Thanks for the update. It would also have been nice to email people about the limited time option to upgrade shipping.


> #postmarketOS CE Pinephones incoming

ubports PinePhones aren't shipped yet... Can I replace it via POS edition while Asendia still not moving?

@PINE64 Will it be possible to buy the pmOS caseback separately, without buying another phone? Would love to support the project and have more back covers to swap between :)

@avery @PINE64 i second that -- would love to pick up a pmOS caseback for my ubports edition, as well! ♥️

@PINE64 A question about announced backs for smaller projects: I want to support LuneOS, if such back would be available; can I simply order "phone with specific back", or would it be "phone with generic back" + "additional back"?
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