@PINE64 Ordered. Can I get mine today? Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top? 🍒

@mike @PINE64 you pulled me in mike! I couldn't resist I got jealous that you would have one and sooo..... I bought one . Now I need to find a way to tell the wife .🤔

@GreyLinux This is how the conversation went at my house:

Me: Ooooo, the PineTab is available for pre-order! I'm buying one!
Her: OK.
Me: I'm getting the keyboard too.
Her: OK.


@mike @PINE64
I think mine will be a bit more like ,

Me : Just to let you know, I bought a ...
Her : what have you bought now that you don't need .

Me : think!, think!, think! ..... Well you can use it too . ( And then explain all the things it can do )

Her: rolleyes ! 🙄

@GreyLinux Heh, well I bought a Pixel C a few years back when they first came out, and I've been needing to replace it as I don't have a decent tablet anymore. That device is coming apart (literally), and is outside of the window for updates. When I bought it the cost was closer to $1000. The PineTab is barely over $100, and I'm hoping updates will be available for longer than the Pixel C's were.

Now, if I could just get @PINE64 to get more PineBook Pros back in stock I'd be set.

@GreyLinux I've also been keeping a pretty close watch on the CutiePi. It's supposed to hit crowd funding this month, and if it's in the $100-$200 range, I'll probably put a bid in on one of those too. They look like really interesting devices.


@mike wow this is the first I've heard of this , thanks for sharing mike , I'm looking into it now.

@PINE64 I guess it's safe to assume this hardware is effectively beta? If that is the case, can you give us an idea of planned changes for a more "stable" release? I would love to get one, just wanna know if I will be missing out on anything by buying the Pinetab this early in the game.

@PINE64 We wants it! We needses it, precious! Our preciousssssss!

Just have to sell some stuff on eBay & I'll be right back!

@zudn @PINE64 I doubt it would. I do have laptops where the trackpad is not centered on the home row, generally they appear to be centered in the laptop frame and all it seems to do is cause me to brush it with my right plam when typing.

@PINE64 ...and it's ordered!
End of July seems to be unbelievably far away...but already looking forward :pine64:

@PINE64 What is the configuration of the keyboard, ASCII or ISO?

@PINE64 is there a video review of it yet? I'd love to see it in action.

@PINE64 getting timeouts on the store here atm, so I am guessing it is a success. ;)

@PINE64 Hey, what is the expected battery life of these?
The old 99 dollar laptops had like a 6 hour battery life from what I'm told.

@PINE64 ciągle klawiatura nie dla programisty.
Ale sam tablet może być ciekawy. Czy działa on powerbank? Mogę po prostu podłączyć bezpośrednio kabelek i ominąć lipo? Przeraża mnie perspektywa długiego ładowania.

@PINE64 is the keyboard for the #pinetab an ANSI or ISO model?
Couldn't find the answer in the shop.
Are you affected by the new Covid-19 breakout in China?

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