We're now in the midst of our transition to hosting all infrastructure on the Cluster!

- Wiki ( is now live from the cluster.

- Forum ( will begin its transition at 6pm UTC on June 9th. It will be in read-only mode until the transition is complete.

- Main Site ( comments are already disabled, as it will be moved immediately after the forum.

@PINE64 hey are you going to document your cluster build? It would be nice to be able to build a similar al-in-one-2u cluster.

@manu Yes, we plan to document it on the blog once it's all running. 😊

@PINE64 cool, thanks! since we're talking... any hints on when will it be possible to buy/preorder the pine phone? :P

@manu I don't have exact dates in hand. It will definitely be after the current shipping mess is resolved, and the next batch is ready for production.

@gudenau Up to 24, though only 5 are going to be in use for this initial go-live. Others will be used for fun things like Matrix and Mastodon instances. ;)

@PINE64 Sheesh, figured you'd need more nodes. That's kinda crazy.

Might try and make my own cluster with PINE64 boards in the future. I want to try and pack a whole lot of CPUs into the smallest space I can.

@PINE64 @gudenau
> Matrix and Mastodon instances

I wonder how much nodes per instance they will require :D

@lanodan @gudenau Going to start with one each... if that doesn't prove enough, we can add more.

@PINE64 have I told you guys and gals lately how awesome I think you are?

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