Our biggest ever production run of @PinebookPro is about to start shipping! Let's see how much everyone enjoys the @ManjaroARM build preinstalled on them. :)

@PINE64 @ManjaroARM how long do you expect shipping to Europe to take? I'm anxiously waiting for my #pinebookpro to arrive!

@PINE64 @ManjaroARM oh, cool. Only a few days, than I can boot my new device. So excited!

@Azt3c @PINE64 dont think the board supports booting from an encrypted partitioner, but you can have an encrypted root with the Manjaro ARM Installer for the Pinebook Pro.

Hmmm, yesterday tried installation, it didn't suggest me any encryption step...🤔

@Azt3c @PINE64 encryption would only be possible when using the newest Manjaro ARM Installer to create your installation.
Its not done on any image.

I've downloaded the most recent 20.04 one. Is that correct?

@Azt3c @PINE64 thats the image. The installer is a script that installs Manjaro onto an SD or eMMC.

@PINE64 Woohoo! Thanks for providing updates on Mastodon (too) btw, this is super nice!

I'll give a try to @ManjaroARM first to get a sense of how things should work on that machine. Next, I'll be using what I have already built: a customized #NixOS image :)

@PINE64 @ManjaroARM Mine is in there somewhere! Can't wait to start hacking on a real ARM Linux laptop :)

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