The UBports Community Edition will be available for some time yet, but if you want your unit to ship this month, then place your order before the coming weekend. Just putting it out there for those on the fence so no one complains later :)

@selea No, the wireless charging is a wireless add-on that is not quite ready.

@PINE64 Is there any word yet on other community editions, or if there's going to be a "vanilla" non-community version?

@ari We want to have Community Edition models for all the major OS options on the PinePhone if possible.

Later on, there will likely be "vanilla" PinePhones, but the focus at the beginning is on CEs.

@PINE64 Thanks. Looking for forward to future CEs for sure c:

@PINE64 With the understanding that this is a beta product, how would you rate it for everyday usability right now?

@theprivacyfoundation Usability of the hardware is ready for daily use. Software isn't quite there, but UBports is very close to ready, and should be near perfect in the coming weeks.

@PINE64 Hello and thanks for your great work. If I've understood well, PinePhone HW is final right? I'm interested in it to port/test my XMPP client on various free OSes. Thanks!

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