@PINE64 great rainy day to read the blogpost. Thanks

😍 Great work! As soon as the #PineTime is foolproof enough for me I will buy one and I will boast with it every day 😂

@PINE64 holy smokes an rtl-sdr addon for the pinetab?! I'M IN!

@PINE64 Will this be a heat issue? Some of these usb units generate a lot of heat during use.

@NOCARRIER That is actually a good question... I myself have worked with RTLSDR dongles a few times, and yea, they do certainly get hot...

Given the location of the adapter board and how there's nothing else under it... it's probably fine? Might bring it up to TL to make sure he and the hardware engineers are aware.

@PINE64 really looking forward getting my PinePhone in my hands...
What drawbacks wild I have to accept if pre-ordering the PineTab? Will I be able to use all additional components and updates the final device will have?

@rakor The only major drawback is that there might be yet-unknown bugs/flaws in the hardware. These could possibly break compatibility with final hardware and software, but it's not especially likely.

For years they've announced the year of the Linux desktop.

Well it's safe to say 2020 will be the year of @PINE64. 😄


I'm also for bigger battery for PP.

Also, that LTE module for PT; would I be able to use it on Rock64 if I use this adapter: m.de.aliexpress.com/item/32797

@PINE64 May I ask why you announced crypto payment, and reverted a day after? What happened?

@PINE64 so looking forward to when the #pinetime is a consumer product. I've no dev skills at all, so I'm sitting on my hands while I wait.
It's looking great! Working with KDE Neon (on the cards) and already with Android 👍 👍

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