The Pine64 website, forums, and more... soon coming to you from 24 just like this. 😉

@PINE64 Interesting, a NVMe SSD, does it boot from it or is it used as quick storage?

@bart Originally planned to just be storage (and PXEboot from a master node), but given that u-boot can boot from NVMe now... maybe?

@PINE64 Ah good to know that's possible. I ordered a RockPro64 to test out a setup to replace my currend loud and power hungry server, and I'd like to reuse the SSD.

@PINE64 a 1U server case that could hold at least 3 rock64 with power supply and IPMI pretty please?!?

@PINE64 why do you need so many RockPro64's for website and forums? Or are the other things so intensive?

@RyuKurisu For the most part, it will be one node per service (website, forum, etc).

That being said, the load can get pretty intensive during product launches.

@PINE64 I was partially thinking you'd be making your own CDN by distributing them around the globe?

@PINE64's not too late to change the plan 😏

@PINE64 Been waiting a long time for the phone to go on sale...

@PINE64 Is there any plan on making audio jack output working? I bought the RockPro64 to make it a media center, it's pointless without output sound.

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