@LPS @martijnbraam The hardware is -- the software may have some important updates after purchase. But it's easy to update, and it's already most of the way there anyway.

@PINE64 I see on the site that the pre-order is $149, what currency is that? USD? I'm trying to order from Canada.

It's USD, so multiply by 1.44 for CAD...

Will purchase one too, soon.

@PINE64 thank you for the public honesty regarding this.

Would you be willing to expand on both "some important updates" and "most of the way"?

(..because it sounds *a bit* like you're responding to a query of "is it ready for users" with "no, the software product is still under active development, but buying the hardware will help us continue working towards a useable release.", hence the request for additional details...)


You're mostly right. Some clarifications though:

All the software for the PinePhone is community driven. UBports (and all other options) is being made by the same developers as it would be if it were a build for any other supported phone. That being said...

The point of these Community Editions is to give some of the profit made on these units to the selected development team. In this case, UBports. Your money will definitely help motivate them to make the system the best it can be.

@eryn As for the updates: I believe the build of UBports that will ship with the UBp Community Edition units has already been determined. Since that build, there have been massive improvements to performance among other things (I admittedly am not paying attention to every build they are releasing -- but they are making rapid progress!)

But that build that is shipping with the phones has an OTA mechanism which can directly update to the latest version.

@PINE64 @martijnbraam
It looks great, can't wait to get one in my hands.

One thing bugs me though: if CE stands for Community Edition, then calling it CE edition (at the end of the video) is redundant. 😉

@PINE64 @martijnbraam

Nice video! Looking slick! Can't wait for my #Pinephone to arrive (though I'm patient :P )

@PINE64 @martijnbraam perfect, this is the post I am looking for @ubports Ubuntu Phone dream comes true. Thanks a lot!

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