@PINE64 @debian Amazing! i hope to get a PinePhone any time soon when this COfuckingVID ends

@nitox @PINE64 @debian Did you see that the PinePhone isn't listed in their toot? :-)

@nitox @PINE64 @debian Kinda funny because I thought the same when I saw their post for the first time ;-)

@PINE64 @debian
Do you have any more context about this? Any news or ML announcement? Git repo for this? etc

@PINE64 @debian is the image able to install a boot loader to a #pinebook? Two months ago it was not.

@txt_file @PINE64 @debian new url is d-i.debian.org/daily-images/ar which suggests that it comes with u-boot, yes.

I'll try the image some time next week. I wonder if their default kernel was used

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