gains FCC and CE approvals, massive strides in PinePhone software, new product ideas, and more: all in our April News Update.

@PINE64 So many good news! I can't wait to receive my PBP and PP. The router idea is very nice indeed, however I think the rockpro64 is too overpowered for it. But with a nice enclosure I think I'd buy it anyway :D

@PINE64 I am excited to hear about that you guys are planning to make a USB-C dock! The new dock should work with Linux phones like the Pine Phone and Librem 5 right (well, once the software stack is in place)?


I'm really excited about all these news!

Do you plan on writing an article about the ROckPro64 cluster? I would be interested to know you designed and manage it!

The USB-C dock is a great idea, and even better if we can use it with the Pinephone too!

I would like to build a NAS based on the RockPro, but the router idea is amazing too.

@JF We could definitely write about the cluster setup -- and mostly likely will.

@PINE64 Whoa, I'm actually really interested in the USB-C dock! I have a portable DisplayPort USB-C dock, but the type-C cable is short and built in... which makes it difficult to hide the mess of cables that plug into it when used at my desk. Something with a detachable cable would be very welcome!

@PINE64 I love those long blog posts 😍 Many exciting news.I can't wait for getting a PinePhone as daily driver.The idea with a open source router using a RockPro is a great idea,too 👍 Well,my current router does its job pretty okay but I'm not that happy with it running Windows CE 5.1 and other proprietary software.

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