A quick look at the running @postmarketOS

(Main invidious instance seems to be down at time of this post)

@PINE64 @postmarketOS are you a bot? because I have some questions about how much linux is in ubuntu touch - do like this series, btw

@johnbessa @postmarketOS

If I'm a bot, then please let me know because I'll have a lot of existential questions to ask myself. ;)

@johnbessa @postmarketOS Depends on who you mean by "you" and what you mean by "other vids".

As the person behind this account -- I haven't done any of the major videos on youtube about the Pinephone. I do have a Pinephone sitting in front of me though.

@PINE64 @postmarketOS yeah getting late here .. I meant the ones that say pinephone and use the symbol and have a similar desk surface to you

@johnbessa @postmarketOS Most of the videos on the official P64 Youtube channel are done by Lukasz, our Community Manager -- not the same person as the original video in question.

@PINE64 @postmarketOS he tends to wander a bit in and out which is OK but it would be nice if he added titles for the difft OSs and subs for the sw he is demo-ing - I had to go back and forth a few times but that is not my question

@PINE64 @postmarketOS I like android because it breaks all the rules - you can get stuff done really quickly if you swallow your pride and give up all your privacy and don't mind ads, kinda like trump in a weird way

@PINE64 @postmarketOS for instance, I got ntfs external disk access on my phone really easily - I did not try to do anything, because I wanted to remove the software quickly - but point being, is there that functionality on ubuntu touch, for instance, as we find in normal linux?

@PINE64 @postmarketOS can packages be added just as in linux so potentially the phone can do other services in a pinch like being a backup server via OTG cables? BTW I will be getting a pine64+ when things calm down covid-wise

@johnbessa @postmarketOS These Linux distros for the Pinephone are effectively desktop Linux, but with a mobile optimized UI and telephony drivers/programs preinstalled.

Anything that could be done on a computer running Linux can be done on the Pinephone (within reason -- obviously not everything is exactly designed for a small touchscreen interface).

@PINE64 @postmarketOS ty, kid just reminded me it is 2am here - covid times!

@PINE64 @postmarketOS You guys should do another video once we have our first stable pmOS branch up. We'll probably backport Purism's GTK patches to it so almost every GTK application will actually resize properly

@PINE64 @postmarketOS

Kudos for posting an #Invidious link rather than a #YouTube one, even knowing that it was down at the time of posting. 💕

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