Sorry for the late notice here on the Fediverse, but our March update is out. News for the , , and alike.

See inside:

Sounds interesting. But PinePhone working time on battery needs to be dealt with before it can be called a "release".
If that problem will be solved it could be good phone for privacy or even one of the "cheap phone for grandma" solutions.

@skobkin @PINE64 I’d say they can call it a release when ever they want ;)

Especially since they aren’t targeting a phone for grandma or a privacy phone. Privacy will come with the 100% open source.. They are providing a good cheap resource that is driving forward mobile phone Linux.

I personally kind of doubt they intend to ever aim this at mass market or end consumer. But it’s already working to drive forward development I think. Seeing tons of progress from distros

In a way, the shipping delays have actually worked in favour of the #PinePhone project. By the time the next production run is ready to begin, the performance of the OS ports for the device will be much further ahead than it would have been on the original schedule. I would probably wait until Christmas before buying one for a grandparent though, to give the OS devs even more time to polish their offerings.
@skobkin @PINE64

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