Update for the default Debian MATE build: updated uboot + kernel; newest Firefox + sound fix; BT audio output fix; improved USB-C dock support; NVMe is bootable now; added community made wallpapers. Details here:

@PINE64 if I have an early PBP with the incorrect length flat flex cable for the NVMe adapter board, how do I go about getting the correct length cable? interested in using NVMe boot...

@PINE64 Now I want to jump from the original #Pinebook to that one.
What about #Panfrost?

@ZikZak Panfrost is at this point better in many ways than the official Mali blob. It has a few features left to be implemented/optimized, but it's usable as it is.

Is pinebook with a german keyboard available?

Not at the moment: we only have US (ANSI) and UK ISO layouts. Others may become available if there's high levels of interest.

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