@PINE64 Quick question regarding the PineTab: The product page says that it has a Micro USB port. Is that correct?

Are there any plans for a USB-C version in the future?

@freundTech Yes, it does use microUSB instead of USB-C. It comes down to using an existing tablet case mold -- one which has a cutout for microUSB. Mold alterations range from very expensive to very impossible.

I won't say a USB-C version will never happen, but it's not in the works that I know of.

@PINE64 @freundTech A bit surprised to hear it comes from a mold; I had assumed the expense of C compared to micro-B was the concern! Although I suppose that might be getting into chicken/egg territory, where the molds available for more affordable products remain at micro-B thanks to the additional expense of C precluding it from products aimed at low price points?

@PINE64 yay, PineTab update!
for what it's worth, I'd love to get my hands on one already. even if it can only be used as laptop-with-a-touchscreen, not as standalone tablet.

@PINE64 hecc, I'd even preorder one if it meant I was guaranteed to not miss out on this batch.

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