If you're waiting for the Pro then here are the shipping dates:

ISO keyboard units: December 24th ANSI keyboard units: December 31st - January 5th.

Happy Holidays!


I can’t wait eeeeeeee!

@PINE64 I so excited! Best after-Christmas present I ever bought myself.

I already kinda knew but that's going to be too late for #36c3. Still really excited to get my hands on it! 😁

Will you (company or individual) be at CCC?

@kingannoy @PINE64 there'll be several individuals at #36c3 with pinebook pros, if you just wanna have a look. I have mine with me fwiw.

@PINE64 could you please explain the difference between an "ISO" and ”ASCII" keyboard?

ISO is with the six shape enter key
The ANSI keyboard is the retarded american missing one letter compared to the ISO one

No offense

@duponin @PINE64 sorry, I am not pretending to be thick, just trying to understand - what letter does ISO have on top??



As an American: ISO is the dumb one with microscopic left shift and pipe/backslash in the wrong damn place 😉

Jeez, you are my hero, spirit animal or whatever, haha

As a French, I don't enjoy Ansi but ISO is just ok

If one day you do something orthogonal or do something with TypeMatrix and have a TypeMatrix 2030 layout like (and with cool hardware), I swear a lot of my techbros and myself gonna love you

We love ergonomic keyboard and are really really annoyed to still have that stupid typewriter legacy in our laptop

Technically, it should be easier to design, no?…

But I'm just saying that innocently :-)
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