I was up all morning waiting for the servers to come back up! Thankfully got mine and was able to sleep!

@briana @PINE64 Same here. After all this waiting, I was just a bit disappointed they were not sold out a few minutes later. ;-)

@kuleszdl @briana Our first batch for the PinePhone is quite a bit bigger than for previous devices. ;)

@PINE64 @kuleszdl

Will the pinetime and pinetab also get bigger batches?

@PINE64 Costarican here, I'd love to buy one but I'm not sure if it'd end up stuck on customs due to me having to pay the import taxes in person. Do you have a PO box service?

@PINE64 Other than software changes will anything change hardware wise before the phone is publicly released?

@owingst I believe the antenna design might be a bit different, but I may be thinking of the batch before BraveHeart...

Regardless, not much (if anything) should change in hardware.

@PINE64 Thank you, I'm trying to decide if I want to purchase the phone now or wait till its officially released (I'm not a developer).

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