November blog post is up! Pinebook Pro, PinePhone, PineTime... even the PineTab! We've got news on all of it.

@PINE64 Just finished reading, great writeup with lots of interesting information.

Regarding the PineTab I have mixed feelings. Of course I'd love getting one. Without insight into your processes I can only give recommendations based on my feelings after reading the post. Personally, I would suggest not shipping them until after CNY (instead continue producing dev units) and investing the saved effort into finetuning the und (pre)production runs.

@PINE64 I'll comment here regarding the part about the PineTab.

I think waiting until after CNY would be the best option because we already have the PinePhone going up for pre-order (yes!) to early adopters soon. I think that's a good point to take a rest instead of trying to get the PineTab out in addition to it.

When do you think any Pinebook Pros pre-ordered today are likely to ship? Are you waiting for a certain number to be pre-ordered before starting the production run?

@techonify They will ship in December -- early for ISO models, mid-late for ANSI.

This will be a flexible size batch -- however many get ordered by about the 20th of this month, is how many will be built.

Many thanks for the quick reply, will be counting the days down and will have my fingers crossed I get it just in time for Christmas :)

@PINE64 Wow,that was a very very long blog post 😲 You have really interesting projects and seem to make a good progress 👍 There's so much I want to buy sooner or later...The PinePhone will definitely by my next phone (but my current Blackberry will hopefully continue to work for some time),the PineTime will be bought as soon as it's available.The Pinebook Pro will be my next laptop after this one which is already a bit broken at the case.While thousands of other people want everything from Apple,I think I'll become such a fanboy for Pine64 with all those great project announcements 😆

@PINE64 I would love to have pinetab, but am not in the hurry. Would rather wait until the next year and change the charging port to usb-c 🤓

@PINE64 I'm big fan of FOSS and gadgets, can't wait till I can put my fingers on Pine Time!

I'm considering to preorder #pinephone. Could you please clarify if the hardware will be the same as later on?. ..never mind, I'll order anyway🙂
Can't wait to get #PineTime as well. If it's just half as good as Pebble was, that would be just awesome🙂

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