The next batches of the are now shipping!

The next pre-order window opens on November 5th. A choice of ANSI and ISO keyboards will be available in this batch. So if you've been holding out for a correctly shaped Enter key (can you tell I'm an American? 😉), now will be the time to order!

@PINE64 Great news! At what time will the sale start? And will forum membership since X days/month be required (again) or will the sale be open for everybody?

There will be no requirement for forum registration, nor will it be necessary at any point again for the PBP. (It may be used for other products on their launch dates)

@PINE64 What time will the pre-orders be starting? Between graduation today and travelling tomorrow, I’m tight on time.

@PINE64 cheers. With some mobile data and a bit of luck I might just make it.

@PINE64 Can you, please, post photos of both ANSI and ISO keyboard layouts?
Simple googling for these standards returned bunch of slightly different layouts, while i need to know exactly what i'm going to pay for.
Thanks in advance!

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