October update time! Maybe not as upbeat as previous updates, but there's a lot of needed explanations in here. Also, PineTime. :)

Also for the record, the person behind the curtain/account here is not Lukasz. Point your Get Well wishes at him on Twitter or our forum. :)

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@PINE64 thank you for an honest and straightforward update! I don't think that people mind a slight delay —or even a more substantial one— if given a proper explanation.

@PINE64 thanks for the update, thanks for putting folks' safety at the forefront, and hope you start feeling better soon :blobpats:

@PINE64 I really love your approach with the pinetime. Mostly ;-) . I would have liked to see you take the pebble inspiration one tiny step further to the epaper display. Still excited about it though!

@PINE64 just keep working hard and being transparent. You guys are doing great. Btw is there tech specs for lte/gsm/cdma bands for pinephone? If so where might i find them

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