To answer any questions about specs on the , we now have a wiki page including full specs and datasheets!

@gudenau I mean, nothing says it can't be. That's up to software to decide ;)

But yes, it is not e-ink or e-paper. Those technologies are harder to source and more expensive than you may think.

@PINE64 The Pebble Time isn't actually using an eink screen. It's some sharp thing if I recall.

@gudenau That's the "e-paper" I mentioned. Transflective LCD made by Sharp.

@PINE64 Thought epaper was just the generic name for eink.

Any chance of microUSB or does the form factor demand that charging configuration?

@efraim Using microUSB would make it extremely difficult to maintain the IP67 rating. Also, we're using an existing smartwatch casing which does not have USB -- making new case molds is extremely expensive.

@PINE64 @efraim I was just going to ask you if the watch was waterproof. I think the wiki doesn't mention the IP67 certification

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