@PINE64 quick question: will OSes such as GrapheneOS and ReplicantOS be supported on the Pine Phone? Thank you!


@greyor Nothing says they can't be! I'm not aware of anyone developing those for it though.

@PINE64 OK, cool, thank you!Will Android forks in general be available? I would love to replace my current Android phone with a Pine Phone when it dies in a couple of years, but want to keep most of my apps and F-Droid if possible. Was looking on the wiki and thought I'd ask.

@greyor Admittedly there hasn't been much focus (if any) on Android for it, as the entire point of the device is to run normal Linux.

If someone desired to make/port an Android ROM to it though, it would be fairly trivial.

@PINE64 Looks like Replicant is exploring the possibility, which is encouraging: redmine.replicant.us/projects/

I would maybe try building GrapheneOS, too, to see if it would work. Anyway thank you!

@greyor There has been some work on Anbox (though I don't think it's a full solution yet), but in theory could let you use Android apps on a non-Android device. http://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/userguide/dailyuse/anbox.html


@emacsomancer Yes please! It sounds promising for sure. There are a few Android apps I wouldn't want to give up. UBPorts looks really cool. @PINE64

@greyor I've played around with UBPorts on a OnePlusOne and it's actually really nice.

Anbox isn't tied to UBPorts though as far as I know, so could (again, in theory) be used with other Linux-based mobile OSes.

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