This is the PineTime. A companion for your Linux smartphone, and new side-project of ours. More news coming in the future...

(If you have experience with FreeRTOS or mbed, and are interested, please get in touch!)

@PINE64 @ajroach42 On the one hand, awesome!

On the other hand, insufficient buttons :(

(One of the most useful aspects of smartwatches is they can add hardware buttons to be used to control one's smartphone; great for instance for controlling audio playback and volume on the go. The fewer physical buttons the less useful this is.)

@keithzg @ajroach42 @PINE64 totally agree on the insufficient buttons - but they're using an existing hardware shell from Chinese manufacturers so that's pretty much fixed :<

@PINE64 All I meant was a color, always on display with an accessory port. :-P

@gudenau @PINE64 I'm perfectly fine with the idea of this being a "Pebble Time"-esque watch since it'll save me a lot of work with making my own Pebble to replace my current Time when its battery finally dies :blobsob:

I started studying mbed and everything! :blobthinkingeyes:

@polychrome @PINE64 I have a Kickstarter Time. 👌

Part of me wants to buy a regular Steel and get someone to plate it with real gold.

@PINE64 @freakazoid huh, the first commercial product I’ve seen using mbed

@PINE64 holy fuck please, my pebble is starting to lose it.

Yes, please! I would like a smart watch, not an activity tracker. e-ink with notifications, alarms, and calendar would be awesome.

@PINE64 Hope it could compare to Fitbit for fitness tracking.

Looks like its a good time for FOSS and hardware alternatives to apple and android! This the #librem5 and #pinephone :blobaww:

@PINE64 Wow, that's actually a great idea. I might even buy this lol

@PINE64 give me some documentation of the board when it's ready and I will see what I can do.

I've read somewhere you're using a nordic chip, correct? They tend to be well supported by zephyr.

@dwagenk Correct, Nordic nRF52832 SoC, with an additional 8MB/64Mbit NOR flash chip. Bosch BMA421 accelerometer.

If you're really interested, email about this. Also may want to keep track on one of our chat platforms (look at Community tab on

@PINE64 are these physical clock hands? Please tell me these are physical clock hands...

Please consider donating a prototype to #gadgetbridge, I could make it work before the official release.


Can you email about this? Mention what project you're with and include shipping details -- we're interested. :)

@PINE64 please have a talk with the guys! They are developing afreertos based os for watches like this!


We're definitely interested in working with Rebble! We've had trouble getting a response from them, however.

The hardware isn't really conducive to that. The main SoC inside is a nRF52832 (Cortex-M4 @ 64Mhz)

@PINE64 ok but can that first XI change to a IX or nah?

@PINE64 since it seems you are syill choosing the guts perhaps its good idea to rather then following android watch / apple crap be mkre pragmatic. Using e-ink display like in.pebble (l'm owner of one) is amazing. The display stays on all the time displaying time without any battery loss. Batrery lasts a week on one charge. The ui and notifications are clear and do what they suppose.

@muppeth Unfortunately we can't make that happen at the price point we're looking for.

We are still looking at multi-day battery life with significant (if not always-on) screen on time.

@PINE64 @muppeth I was also going to suggest to use the Sharp Memory LCD used in the Pebble. I'm guessing it would add a bit to the cost but it would be totally worth it.

@deadcode @muppeth

The component cost is significantly higher, but there's also the matter that we're using an existing smartwatch casing which is designed for a IPS LCD of this exact size and fit.

To redesign for the Sharp Memory LCD would require significant investment (5-figures USD) to retool molds. It'd be unlikely that the PineTime could happen in that case.

@PINE64 @deadcode Is this not the same mold as the newer SMA Q2? That uses the Japan Display Mem LCD that is very similar to the Sharp displays. (& @muppeth, they called it "e-paper" to catch the e-ink hype, but it's really a super low power LCD with an internal buffer).

@captain_morgan @deadcode @muppeth Not the same casing. It has more buttons than the PineTime.

@PINE64 oh! I only just noticed it's single button but I guess that makes sense with touch screen.

@captain_morgan do you know how these Japan displays compare to Sharp's in price and power usage? I couldn't find much information on these.

I was just going to order so Sharp displays so it would be cool to know if there's a better/cheaper alternative.

@deadcode I had a quick glance the other day and they seem on par with power usage and the one source I found them was a bit more expensive than the Sharp, but also includes a back light.

@PINE64 I guess this is right now just a CGI picture, where can I get more info about that?

@jeena The watch in the picture is an actual prototype. The background obviously is CGI. ;)

@PINE64 PLEASE let me help, lol. Like I will do a lot fo this lol

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