@PINE64 What's the battery life of the #PinebookPro with a work load of general web browsing or video playback?
I've always wanted a little (well, 14" isn't little) ARM powered laptop, but up until now the only options were chromebooks with not very well supported ports of Xubuntu. And that said, most chromebooks these days run low end x86 CPUs. If I wanted that I'd just buy another thinkpad X230.


I don't think we have official figures for battery life at the moment, but one of the prototype units has done 7 hours at medium screen brightness under average use.

Wow, that's not too shabby. Thanks for the info.

I guess if that wasn't enough for some reason I could always find/make a USB power bank capable of putting out 3A and get a USB to barrel plug adaptor.
I'm way to keen to buy one of these considering I already own more laptops then necessary :)

@PINE64 If I plant a Pine64 in the ground, will it make a cybertree?

@PINE64 how does it connect to an external monitor? hdmi? any adapter needed?

@PINE64 While I'm waiting for delivery, is there a tutorial somewhere on how to boot to Android and Chrome OS?

I don't think there's a step-by-step guide written, but it is pretty simple and quite a lot like any single board computer: flash an SD card and insert it.

If you want to install to eMMC, you flash it while booted from SD, or use a special SD-to-eMMC installer image.

@PINE64 That's what I was thinking, but where does one download an image (to burn to an SD card) that boots to Chrome OS and another that boots to Android? I thought Google only allows Chrome OS to be distributed on official Chromebooks.

@PINE64 Or maybe I'd have to use the open-source Chromium OS and Android Open Source Project, right?

@adam Oh, you want to dual boot? Technically it's possible, but I don't know of anyone who has set that up.

Also yes, it would be Chromium OS. There is already an image ready of it. :)

@PINE64 I was under the impression that I could have your built-in Debian Linux regular boot, and then make a couple MicroSD cards for booting to Chromium OS and Android whenever I felt like it. So I was trying to search for info on that.


Yes, you can do that. The PBP will boot with priority to the SD card. So if you have separate SD cards for Android and Chromium OS, you could swap them out as you wanted.

@PINE64 Are you allowed to publicly or privately point me in the direction of PBP compatible bootable SD card images?

@PINE64 Ah! That's what I was looking for! Thanks!

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