@thegibson It's still possible, but initial devices will not be transparent.

@neauoire @PINE64

I'll still buy one as soon as available...

maybe the clear backs could be an add on.

@PINE64 very exciting stuff! At the end of the blog post, you have a call to action to follow on Twitter & Mastodon; may I suggest you turn those into clickable links? I had to google "Pine64 Mastodon" to find this account.

@nick I had thought the page footer had a icon for Mastodon, but sure enough that's only on the forum. Will edit the blog for that in a moment.

@yamujala We don't have a "PINE ROM", it's several community developed distros. And they won't work on any other device unless it happens to be the same kind of hardware.

@PINE64 @yamujala If you're looking to install a Linux distribution on Android devices, I would point you towards @postmarketOS

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