@artilectzed In the early units, there's actually a known issue where it will not. However, there is a workaround which you can do, as seen here: i.imgur.com/RHADvk9h.jpg

However, may I ask why you would want to detach the battery?

Non-mobile use. If it's going to be plugged in and sit somewhere to be terminal, no need to wear the battery out (or have it buldge while I'm not there). Likely as a terminal for the garage, or a machine to keep on WiFi in the office, keeping all non-work stuff off my company machine.

@artilectzed @PINE64 Does the battery wear down in that context? I'm no expert but I thought battery wear was caused by charge/discharge cycles.

@m4iler It's hard to put trackpoint on it when the patent on the tech only expired a few days ago. ;)

@PINE64 DIDN'T EVEN KNOW it expired.

Nice. Once it has that, count me in. Until then, keep up the great work!

@PINE64 @m4iler I hadn’t realised the trackpoint patent had finally expired! Maybe we’ll get trackpoints more places in future!

@PINE64 Looking forward to having the real thing in hand soon!

@PINE64 Looks pretty slick and professional. All of them have the UK keyboard layout?

@mariusz It's technically ISO, not UK (a little bit different)

But all of the units from the first few batches are/will-be ISO keyboard. ANSI model comes later.

@killyourfm never! Stay away from my @PINE64 they are all mine ! muahuahuahua

@CyberSocialist Unfortunately it is more like an S5. The manufacturers of the high end smartphone SoCs unfortunately aren't interested in making their documents open, which makes open-source support nearly impossible. :(

@PINE64 @CyberSocialist S5 is actually a really awesome phone in lots of ways (it’s my current phone).

@PINE64 Do you build non-english keyboards, like spanish keyboards? I think this could definitely push your project world wide.

@somenxavier We don't have the logistical ability to do so, unfortunately. It is already stretching our abilities to offer both ISO and ANSI keyboards.

@PINE64 Next model with keys for the trackpad please!

@PINE64 so I'm curious as a relatively new developer/hobbyist - how powerful is this for something like HTML/CSS/JavaScript development?

I'd love a cheap laptop to try Linux in and this seems like a great bet, but maybe I'm missing the point of this laptop?

@NuTonr I think it'd be a good choice for your use case. Since webdev is OS-agnostic, being ARM instead of x86 shouldn't be any issue at all.

@PINE64 Awesome, I'll be looking at getting one, then. Thanks for the insight!

@PINE64 What about CAD users? Ex.: KiCAD -- Will it compile and work?

Technically it should work, but I can't make promises on a program that complex working perfectly!

@PINE64 - How many phone units would it take to make a campaign?

@PINE64 Do you offer shipping to Russia? I'm unable to estimate shipping cost on your site. How much is it for Moscow, ZIP 119415?

That's a question you need to email sales@pine64.org about.

@PINE64 Open Source software/hardware, all the way down to the BIOS and CPU?

@CyberSocialist As far down as we can make it. Can't make a SoC manufacturer open source the BootROM, but that's a very small amount of bring-up code which can't be modified anyway.

@PINE64 hey guys! Is there a simple FAQ/article along the general lines of "Pine vs. Purism"?

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