er, ahem, cool. Looking forward to it.

The #Pinephone is the first piece of tech in tears, which i am really excited about! Cant wait to get my hands on one!

@PINE64 I'm curious, does any of the supported distros use #NetworkManager with ModemManager on the phone? Is there a way to get one's hands on a prototype board?

@lkundrak It looks like both PostmarketOS and UBPorts use it, and maybe others. (@martijnbraam can likely give a more sure answer on the behalf of pmOS)

Prototype boards have been out with developers for a long time, and there aren't any spares sadly.

vinzv was just suggesting on Diaspora that the privacy switches on the #pinephone are software based. I'd been led to understand that they were physical switches. Which is correct?

@PINE64 @lkundrak postmarketOS doesn't use modemmanager, we use the pinephone modem with NetworkManager+ofono

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