Well I can't entirely say the response to that last toot was entirely unexpected... I guess a poll may be in order. πŸ˜€

No promises though, there's viability testing to be done, price concerns, etc...

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@PINE64 only voting against translucent because i don't want to get arrested for god-knows-what


I'll buy multiples and make it my company standard if it is in a translucent casing.

@thegibson @PINE64 I would be onboard with such a creature, but I will probably modify the kernel because... well that's what I do...


I'll buy the phone no matter the color. Just want me some of that sweet freedom.

@PINE64 we will probably print our own transculent cases anyway

@PINE64 it'd be cool if you'd be willing to sell it in a "backless" model

That way people could buy it just to integrate it into other things like a car or fridge

@PINE64 I had a #fairphone with transparent back cover and it was the coolest thing I had. Everywhere I used my phone, people were mind blowned how cool the back of the phone looks.

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