50 years ago to the day, Apollo 11 landed on the moon, putting humanity on another celestial body for the very first time.

Critical to the mission's success was the AGC (Apollo Guidance Computer), a wonder of electronic miniaturization and the first computer to use integrated circuits.

This computer weighed 70lb (32kg), used 55 watts of energy, ran a clock of just a hair over 2Mhz, and used 2 kilo-words of 15 bit RAM.

Fast forward 50 years, and the :

- weighs only 2.6lb (1.2kg)
- uses about 8W
- runs 6 cores at over 700x the clock frequency
- has almost 140,000x the RAM.

And the AGC probably cost a fair bit more than $199 to manufacture, without even worrying with inflation.

This is not meant to be an advertisement. I am just a nerd once again coming across the realization that the modern world of technology is wonderful.

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By no means am I trying to imply that a Pinebook Pro is a drop in replacement for an AGC. There's nowhere near enough I/O.

@PINE64 A team in Silicon Valley has worked to restore an AGC with its magnetic core memory. At around episode 12 they finally get it running:

I've been watching them since episode one :)

@PINE64 The AGC was designed to work in the harsh environment of space. I doubt that a consumer laptop of today would fare as well. The screening alone provided by the housing was immense.

@neildarlow They use consumer laptops and tablets on the ISS (and did on the Shuttle). They're tested to meet specific safety rules (not overheating without convection, not off-gassing under low pressure, etc) but are not modified AFAIK. @PINE64

@edavies The references I've seen are of IBM ThinkPads. It was my understanding that IBM sold that side of the business to Lenvovo so are these old, IBM-held, stock or a special manufactured by IBM?

@neildarlow This seemingly authoritative answer says they're Lenovo now. No modifications mentioned.

There are definitely also tablets on board, iPads I assume but don't know. E.g., they could be seen in use on the video of the Crew Dragon opening.

and they've reconstructed it. 

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