We're under 10 days away from the start of the preorders! What are you planning to do with yours?

@PINE64 is there any planning to sell one of 11.6 inches in the future?

@astheroth Not at the moment. The plan is to let the normal Pinebook fill that role.

@PINE64 I will use it as my light web browsing box. And maybe test unity 8 on it 😊

@PINE64 Will there be an option for ansi keyboards on this preorder that will get you in line for those, or will it be a separate preorder when that option is ready? My plan is to use it for a coffee shop coding machine, build server at home for anything it can’t handle locally(hopefully not much)

@jon Unfortunately due to logistics, the 128GB Pinebook Pros will only be available with the ISO keyboard. However, you could also buy the ANSI keyboard and top panel spare parts and install them yourself.

@PINE64 Ah I thought there were ANSI ones coming later. Good to know I can swap it out myself. I will defiantly be preordering then, try it out knowing if I just can’t adapt I can swap it. End user choice and ability to customize for the win. Thanks for all the work you are doing!

I'm planning using it as my "pocket" laptop for:
1. Working by accessing my working systems with VPN and RDP/SSH/VNC/SPICE
2. Internet serfing
3. Watching videos.

Replacing my 2008 macbook as my primary machine

@PINE64 If it gets shipped early enough, I might be able to write my bachelor thesis on it 🤓

@PINE64 Will it be delivered in time for back to school high school kids?

@adam Depends on what date "back to school" is. 😉

When I was in HS that would have been very early August, in which case is "no". Kids lucky enough to go back in September might have a chance. 😄

@PINE64 Oh, haha! So early Sept is a maybe. Probably depends on how many pre-orders happen first too.

I will use mine as a daily driver for studies and tinkering at home! Looking forward to testing it out!

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