For those licking their lips waiting for a , we've got a lot of news for you today!

- Preorders launch on July 25th
- Built-in privacy switches
- The current OS outlook
- And more!

@PINE64 Is there a shipment plan for european customers to avoid the high import costs?

@scops I'll admit I'm not the person to ask for that. What I know about shipping is that it's all shipping from China, and orders going to Europe tend to go DHL.

I totally want one as a writing and web machine!!

@PINE64 Woo, I'm excited about this! :D How does one get the upgrade/preorder priority if you're a forum member? Will there be a field on the preorder page or something?

@jfred Most likely you'll be asked to login to the forum in the order process, but it may be subject to change.


I already own a #pinebook 1080p running #NetBSD. A bit disappointed to see that there is no #BSD support, as otherwise it looks very promising.

#runbsd #NetBSD #pinebook

Wow! I'm so excited about the news! Looking forward to get one #pinebookpro into my hands.
...I was about to order the previous generation, but this update came earlier🙂

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