If you like the look/sound of Librem5, you checked the #PinePhone ? Similarish, but much cheaper and feels like the folks there arent constantly stoking the marketing hype train.

If you looking for best security & privacy on a phone I'd say check out #GrapheneOS, #CalyxOS or, if you not so bothered about open source, and want the longest period of OS/firmware security updates get an iPhone


#Pinephone use several proprietary drivers and blobs whereas the #Librem5 will be 100% free software.

Also, #Purism spend a lot of time and money to develop GNOME Mobile.



@Torrone @dazinism @wion

False. the is fully functional on mainline Linux.

There's also developers from several of the main Linux mobile distributions (PostmarketOS, Maemo Leste, LuneOS, Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish) onboard with the project and most of those already have feature-complete builds on dev hardware.

@PINE64 @wion @dazinism @Torrone That does not mean you don't use proprietary drivers (maybe you really don't use it, I don't know, just for clarifying). There are blobs inside Linux, that's the reason for linux-libre and the FSF endorsed distributions.

Will the #Pinephone have a RYF certification?

@josealberto4444 @Torrone @dazinism @wion To my knowledge, there are no blobs required running on the A64 SoC to make the device fully function. You *can* use a blob for the Mali GPU, but the open-source (Lima) driver works as well.

The only parts of the complete software that are not completely free are low level bootloader (irrelevant and not running after it starts uBoot), and the cellular modem (has a few blobs, but runs independent from the A64 and doesn't have access to your data).

@josealberto4444 @Torrone @dazinism @wion Unfortunately I believe those tiny few kilobytes of low-level bootloader precludes it from RYF certification, but I would like to be proven wrong.

@PINE64 @wion @dazinism @Torrone Ah, oops sorry, I hadn't seen this message before replying to the other.

That's a pity. =(
@PINE64 @wion @dazinism @Torrone The parts running these blobs should be properly isolated to ensure the functioning of the device. That's what RYF certification certifies, in case there are blobs. Librem 5 will have that certification, and I would be very interested in the #Pinephone if that were also the case. Is it?

@PINE64 @josealberto4444 @Torrone @dazinism @wion is the Mali GPU well-enough documented to use it for GPGPGU things like a Fast Fourier Transform? Last time I looked, it wasn't, but maybe the situation has improved

@kragen @josealberto4444 @Torrone @dazinism @wion The Mali400 cores can not do compute tasks, unfortunately. They have fixed-function pipeline -- graphics only.

@PINE64 @josealberto4444 @Torrone @dazinism @wion Thanks! That's somewhat sad but less malicious than I had thought

@kragen @josealberto4444 @Torrone @dazinism @wion That being said, it looks like there are drivers being worked on for Mali cores which *can* do compute.

Namely, this "Panfrost" driver is stated to work with the RK3399 SoC (used on our RockPro64!), and OpenCL+Vulkan support is on their roadmap. cnx-software.com/2019/04/08/pa


Mainline linux ≠ linux-libre ≠ 100% free software

Onboard with the project ≠ hired and payed by Pine64

@dazinism @wion

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