MAN didn't realize how much of the Pine64 phone is up on their their twitter. Wish they had a blog to follow for this.

They've got renders and pictures now. Information on the hardware privacy switches and whatnot.


@trashHeap Thank you for starting this thread. While I am getting a hang of things, feel free to ask any questions you may have about the PinePhone or any other device. I'll answer (during weekdays) to the best of my abilities. As a token of appreciation for the invitation, here is a picture I haven't shared elsewhere of the tri-section of the PinePhone Mockup. Enjoy.

@PINE64 Thanks! Ive been following most of the news I can find on your phone and tablet, so I think ive got most of my more reasonable questions answered. I HAVE forgotten your target window though for actually taking orders on production units. So if you can remind me of that, even if it is TBD 2019/2020. Less reasonable questions to follow.

@PINE64 Less reasonable questions:

Will you guys handle the ordering for production units like you do the current pinebook? As Ive found that process a little confusing.

What state do you think distros will be in at launch? To support the device?

@trashHeap Answering your questions: the second generation of dev kits will go out to devs tomorrow. We're working with: UBPorts, KDE, PostmarketOS and Meamo Leste (All already running on first gen kits). The first batch of phones will likely ship with Ubuntu Touch. We don't know yet how we will handle orders - but we're working on a better system than BTO. We know BTO isn't great (but we're not making a sinle $ on the Pinebooks - its a community service). First PinePhones will ship in Q4.

@PINE64 BTW you guys are really motivating me to dust off my C++ and learn Qt to write plasma mobile apps.

I wanna thank you for injecting some budget options into this conversation and building some more momentum around Plasma Mobile.

@trashHeap Thanks for such positive feedback. We believe that the only way to have a successful Linux OS phone at this point in time is making it affordable. The $150 price-tag and (what we feel is) a compelling feature-set may just be right combination to get people interested. The more exposure to Linux on Phone, the more interest, the more likely development of a more powerful phone. As for plasma mobile, we think that second batch will ship with it :)

@trashHeap further to previous answer: we're considering the idea of different back covers (orange for UBPorts ; green for KDE, etc., with respective project logos) for the different batches that will ship with different OS' as default. Let me know what you guys think.

@PINE64 I would personally adore it and would even pay extra for additional backs if I switched distros, because I love that sort of thing.

I know it's early to talk to much about this but how are you finding the performance in day-to-day work?

I've always hated how poor the performance of most mobile operating systems are, even when they're just doing extremely simple things.

@jeffalyanak @trashHeap The PinePhone is not powerful. We are, however, in luck -- before Canonical dropped Ubuntu Touch and UBPorts picked up the development, the hardware used as reference was VERY similar to what the PinePhone is. In result, the live demo I saw at FOSDEM had really nice and smooth performance. I cannot say how plasma or the other OS' / front-ends will perform, but I think that there is a good chance that many OS' will run well.

Yeah, I don't need powerful hardware, just software that is well matched to it. ;p

@jeffalyanak @trashHeap

And while we did some optimisation of the Ubuntu Touch stack, there's still plenty of work that could be done there.

Some of which we've since done in Mir, so when UBports manages to update to Mir 1.0 (or later) they'll get a nice performance boost.

(It looks like that'll be soon; the new Mir broke the Android graphics platform that the phones use, but we think the underlying cause has been found and fixed)


Where can we find more info on the PinePhone?

@teknari UBPorts have a thread with information as it emerges about the end-user Phone:

@PINE64 @teknari > The $149 retail price is CONFIRMED as doable

This phone is suddenly much more interesting than I realized.
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