@trashHeap definitely - I'm figuring they're so busy knocking out cool new hardware they haven't had time to notice us - maybe a fosstodon away team should go visit ;)

For real. An ethical linux phone should be posting on ethical social media.

I just wrote to them on Twitter. Let's see how it goes...
@trashHeap @djsundog

@ciaby @kelbot

Hi everyone. Don't know how the system works - first time - but I'll learn. If some of you have a link to a quick tutorial on mastodon, then I would highly appreciate that. Cheers!

Wow, that was quick! The system is similar to Twitter, with the only difference that there are multiple instances federated (the name after the @, think of it like email).
Other than that, we try to keep the place nice, clean, respectful and nazi-free.
Ah, and we got lots of emojos! :flan_hacker:
This is a user guide:

Some more docs:

BTW, Mastodon is not the only software used here, there are multiple implementations of ActivityPub (the protocol) talking to each other (i use Pleroma, for example).
@PINE64 @kelbot @ciaby greetings!

Looking forward to sharing some of the cool things we’ve been building out of your little computers with you 😁
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