I despise authoritarian regimes as much as the next person, but I honestly believe that if any one nation made a ban on the production or importation of plastics, and instead made them only sourceable by existing means (garbage, recycling, etc...) then we'd have a much cleaner surrounding in no time.

I bet you anything that companies would really pay well for people to turn in existing unused plastic-based devices or items.


Might even help redistribute some of that scarce wealth.

Ethics and freedoms aside, 🙄, this sounds great in my head but I'm obviously talking out of my rear end right now. This could also easily form a nightmare...

@OrchidMantis9 yeah this spirals real fast. 😅 There are plastics used for medical reasons. Same on construction. I think it could be worth it if say no single use plastics. 🛍️ Everything only reusable. ♻️ Including and especially packaging. Darn things must hold a large percentage of waste.

@zeab Didn't even cross my mind, the types of plastics and their differences 🤔 When imagining mh recycla-reich I was thinking of melting everything down jntk an amorphous shape and using that.

Maybe laws around plastic types for this purpose ckuld have different executions 🤔 And I mean execution in the task kind of way. For now 😏...

recycla-reich 🤣. Love it!

So this would only work, on reduction structures to a composable, if all were the same composites. The thing is, there are many types of plastics you can't do this to. Even if you tried to melt them down, they wouldn't produce amorphous solids. It's why they are considered throwaway plastics and hold a large bulk of waste in the world.

I would love nothing more than to have plastics compositions be entirely amorphous capable like glass. Then we can smelt forever! 🥂

It's also the technology of plastics. They are full synthetic materials. When first created, we didn't understand that we needed to make these reusable. ♻️ We only understood that we can shape them to anything the first smelt. ❄️

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