What's a good place to host a static website from e.g gitlab/github?
We want personal opinions from people about what they use.

@OpenSourceToast I host my sites from nearlyfreespeech. They're cheap & give me ssh/sftp access.

@OpenSourceToast @codesections I use netlify as well, it works nicely and they even have a TOML based config system if you you’re using something like hugo — they can take the repo and run a build step before serving it.

@alexcleac thats what we settled upon using as everybody is already in the GH team so contribution to the site will be easy

I have good experiences with GitLab Pages. Their CI/CD is also good. They'll run your static site generator of choice _for_ you.

@OpenSourceToast As many, at work we use also netlify, for 2 hugo website. One thing I like, is the preview build at each pull request.

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