It's one thing to leave Github in favor of Gitea or Gitlab due to Microsoft having too much control over how we work...but what now, bitches?

Microsoft has NPM. Are we all going to drop Node? This is the kind of monopoly that sucks. Microsoft now basically owns the modern web until someone makes an alternative to NPM that isn't controlled by facebook (yarn)

Hey, just in case I'm not the only one who digs polos/t-shirts with cool logos on them:

Let's face it--in a lot of places, "agile" is daily standups and waterfall split into two week increments.

Company cultures where people are constantly applauding for "achievements" are the adult equivalent of "Everyone Gets A Trophy Day" 😋

I've been watching "Gogol" on Amazon Prime. Russian TV series with subtitles. Three episodes in and I'm still not sure what I think.

Most every .Net developer in the world: "Hey we have .Net core so we can deploy on Linux now!"

Also most every .Net developer in the world: "Why would I use a CLI? I've got visual studio!"

I think one of the more interesting questions which I've never seen answered: is memory management an essential complexity (in Brooks' terminology) or an accidental complexity?

Even GC languages have to worry with memory management--not gone, just hidden.

I could see an argument for _manual_ memory management being an accidental complexity.

But given the amount of leaky abstractions I've seen around this over the years I begin to wonder if it's not an essential complexity.

@Onorio I’m learning it by myself and really enjoying it. Performance keeps blowing my mind

I'm a little bit surprised by the level of interest in here at my company. I put together a lunch and learn and a lot more people signed up than I expected.


Is good to see--apparently even Microsoft can figure out a bad PR move.

However, it betrays a deeper underlying issue. MS (and in fairness other OS vendors as well) think of our computers as being boxes which we lease from them. They think that they're free to screw around with our software to their hearts' content.

Yet another reason to support FOSS.

I don't understand a lot of what's said on this site but it's always interesting reading:

@jordan31 @cypnk Me too. But a really skilled tutor or teacher is very helpful. They need a chance to do it right, not just pummel you.

I chanced to become acquainted with a chap who worked with Einstein and Gödel back in the day. I asked him to teach me set theory, if I could learn it. He taught to my level and learning style. We went from Maxwell and Pascal’s triangle on to Sierpinski carpets... I cried to realize I finally understood.

Anyway, here’s to late bloomers and survivors! 🥂

We all think of plants as silent, but they're not. 🌱

Plant bioacoustics is the study of how plants generate and respond to sound. Turns out, plants aren't silent at all. It's just that the sounds they make are outside our hearing range, mostly being ultrasound.

Plants which are distressed by lack of water even squeal at around 20-100 kHz. We can't hear that, but some animals can. Moths will even avoid these distressed plants and lay their eggs on healthier leaves.

My kitchen is full of kids excitedly talking about Swedish death cults and I am HERE FOR IT.

Microsoft’s sneaky plan to switch Chrome searches from Google to Bing – Ars Technica

Yep--Microsoft is different. Yep.

Unpopular opinion: OOP (at least as embodied in C++/Java/C#) is an anti-pattern.

Lots of hidden, mutable state scattered all over these systems.

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