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A nerd hacking / ObjC / GTK 

So, it looks like one day one may start to write #GTK apps in Objective C using @ObjFW. 😀
cc @elementary codeberg.org/Letterus/objgtkge #ObjFW #ObjC

needs a GUI framework. There were many attempts by various people - let’s join forces and get it done! Please help: objfw.nil.im/forumpost/f0a589e

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If you don't like Foundation/AppKit or if you don't like GNUstep, but still want the language, try ObjFW by @Midar3@twitter.com which runs on a variety of platforms and does GUI via Qt https://objfw.nil.im
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as of version 3.12 now ships with the runtime. 3.14 hopefully with ObjFW itself as well 🙂

now has an initial ASN.1 DER parser.


I don't understand why people keep complaining about ASN.1 / DER being too complex. From that commit, it can be seen how trivial it is.

And yes, this in preparation for writing an X.509 and then a TLS implementation long run 😉.

now uses OFDNSResolver over the system resolver for everything.

getaddrinfo() and gethostbyname() have quirks on many OSes, e.g. getaddrinfo() not being thread-safe even though POSIX requires that. This works around all of this and means name resolution is asynchronous.

Run loops in now support modes:

This in preparation to allow implementing synchronous APIs on top of asynchronous APIs.

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@ObjFW @js there we go,

Darling [~/ObjFW]$ ./run-objfw-systeminfo
[2018-09-05 22:58:48.765 (nil)(9096)] ObjFWVersion: 0.91-dev
[2018-09-05 22:58:48.770 (nil)(9096)] operatingSystemName: macOS
[2018-09-05 22:58:48.795 (nil)(9096)] operatingSystemVersion: 10.12

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Tried @js's @ObjFW on Darling and it works!

Darling [/tmp]$ sw_vers
ProductName: Mac OS X
ProductVersion: 10.12
BuildVersion: Darling
Darling [/tmp]$ ./run-objfw-systeminfo
[2018-09-04 03:14:11.953 (nil)(14224)] ObjFWVersion: 0.90.2
[2018-09-04 03:14:11.957 (nil)(14224)] operatingSystemName: macOS
[2018-09-04 03:14:11.969 (nil)(14224)] operatingSystemVersion: 10.12
Darling [/tmp]$ cd objfw-0.90.2/tests/ && ./tests
<lot of green lines saying everything works OK>

Would people like Git commits to be posted here (and properly tagged and unlisted to filter out), or would most consider this spam? On this account or a different one?

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In case anybody wants to get the #nameservers on a #Nintendo #3DS:

That was painful to get working. Not really documented and weirdness (needs at least 336 bytes?!) basically meant try & error for a long time until it worked.

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Objective-C is the very best programming language ever, and there's a profound beauty and simplicity in its syntax.

Change my mind.



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