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Documents 5.2.0 for is already available:

✔️ Commenting
✔️ Reviewing
✔️ Spellchecking
✔️ KDrive integration
✔️ SSO

Read our blog to find out more:

Today, September 23, you are welcome to join our webinar on Dzone at 7 pm CEST:

"WOPI: pros and cons of using standards for office integration"

Speaker: Alex Miheev, Head of Professional Services at .

Register here:

Here is a video overview of the new version of Docs. Watch it to find out more about all the new features like conditional formatting and WOPI support:

Great news, everyone!

Version 6.4 of Docs is already available:

✔️ Conditional formatting;
✔️ Sparklines;
✔️ Data import from txt or csv files;
✔️ Text to table and table to text;
✔️ WOPI support;
✔️ New scaling options and much more.

Read our blog for more information:

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