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Good news everyone! We have updated our tariff plans for Cloud Service: free cloud for startups and small teams, new features for businesses and VIP Cloud with exclusive benefits:

Meet team today at the Digital Document Web Conference and watch our presentation on document security and collaboration at 12.20 CEST:

The new version of connector for Plone is already available. It now supports JWT for secure editing:


El sábado 24 de abril de 2021 a partir de las 8:50 horas CDMX (UTC-5) se llevará a cabo el Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre en modalidad on line.

La lista de horarios de las conferencias y talleres lo encontraran en :

* Jon "maddog" Hall con la conferencia "El poder del "
* Claudia quien nos hablará de
* -api
* Lenguaje Latino

Todo en nuestro canal

Want to know how to use digital signatures in Desktop Editors? Watch this video for more information:

If you missed our yesterday's webinar on the new features in Docs v6.2 (data validation, custom number formats, slicers for pivot tables, table of figures and more), watch the recording on our official YouTube channel:


We have updated our Spreadsheet application with the latest from @ONLYOFFICE 6.2: with pivot tables and improved charts.

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