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Great news, everyone! To celebrate the end of WebWeek 2020, we are giving away 5 Home Servers, professional self-hosted editors for home use.

Just boost this toot to take part!

We’ll name the winners next week. Stay tuned for more news from our team!

Join web conference for German-speaking schools and universities at 10:00 am (Berlin time) on October 27:

Join our today's live stream on how to use the latest enhancements in - integration by Mikhail Korotaev () and Sascha Wiswedel ():

connector v.6.1.0 for is already available with:

✔️ File preview generation;
✔️ Saving co-authors’ names and local time in Version History;
✔️ Using guests’ names from Talk and more


@ONLYOFFICE I just want to let you people know that despite all of the controversy in the past with the #nextcloud app, I really appreciate the fact that onlyoffice is available to the community. It's by far superior to the other solutions on NC. So a big thank you to your team! ❤️ 💕

Join our free live stream with Alina Krivosheeva from on making the most of the awesome updates in 11.0, including:

✔️ New features in Control Panel,
✔️ Using Telegram for notifications,
✔️ Spreadsheet filtering permission and more.

Do you want to know more about new features in v11?

Join our workshop on October 20:

Encryption in : a workshop by Mikhail Korotaev. Watch on our YouTube channel:

Don't miss today's workshop on security and using Private rooms in . The stream starts at 12 PM UTC on our YouTube channel:

desktop editors v6.0 with pivot tables and other important improvements for spreadsheets are already available for Windows, Linux and macOS:

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