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Have a look at the case of the University Grenoble Alpes where @ONLYOFFICE is widely used in different ways: as a stand-alone solution and within collaboration platforms like Alfresco, Moodle, Chamilo:

Welcome our new partner and reseller from South Korea – Wesome Ltd. Specialized in collaborative groupware solutions, Wesome Ltd. is introducing @ONLYOFFICE to the local market:

A new chapter of @ONLYOFFICE Chronicles is here! In 2017, we started to cooperate with cool open-source projects, enhanced our products with a variety of security tools and introduced the tabbed interface. More details in our blog:

The new version of @ONLYOFFICE connector for @ownclouders is here! It brings the ability to display changes suggested in the review mode when you open a document for viewing

The new version of @ONLYOFFICE connector for @nextcloud released with:

- Compatibility with NC19
- Ability to display proposed changes when you open file for viewing

A new chapter of @ONLYOFFICE Chronicles is here! In 2016, our team introduced new collaboration features, released desktop editors and made them open-source, entered the first official partnership and added support for plugins. More details in our blog:

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