@Stoori Hi! Thank you for your question. We are working on this with an expert. It's difficult to say how long will it take to get the work done. No exact date, sorry.

Great news, everyone! Docs v6.2 is already available:

✔️ Data validation
✔️ Slicers for pivot tables
✔️ Custom number format
✔️ New functions
✔️ Tables of figures
✔️ New interface languages and more


Read our blog to find out how the Czech developer company DENEVY integrated into their solution Online Kancelář for efficient data management, collaboration and communication:


You are welcome to join our talk at 2021.

"How to provide ultimate security for real-time document collaboration with "

🕒 Today at 15:00 CET

📌 live.fosdem.org/watch/dcollab


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