@ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors 5.6. with bug fixes and improved translations are already available as flatpak:


@TheFuzzStone, we are going to add this keyboard shortcut as well as many others over the coming months. We have some important releases coming soon. Stay tuned!

@sudo, we have fixed everything; the blog works well now. Enjoy your reading!

@sudo, it's an internal bug, sorry. We will fix it as soon as possible.

Data safety is one of the top priorities for @ONLYOFFICE.

In this blog post, we’ve gathered some interesting facts about our security features and prepared these cool comics for you:


@ONLYOFFICE integrated in your @nextcloud solution allows you to insert watermarks into your docs to protect any confidential or sensitive information they might contain. Read our blog to learn the details:


Are you using a rare or old Linux distribution but you still need powerful document editing? Try portable @ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors available as AppImage:


@sudo Thank you for your feedback! The problem with fonts has been fixed in v. 5.5, so you need to update the app. If you use the latest version, please describe the problem here
or here

The problem with removable drives is known, but it's not fixed yet.

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