New chapter of @ONLYOFFICE chronicles is out! This time we are sharing the story of the 5th year of @ONLYOFFICE (formerly known as TeamLab) project:

We updated our connector for Confluence and now it is compatible with Confluence v7.5.0.

Available for free in the Atlassian Marketplace:

Great news, everyone! We have released a new version of @ONLYOFFICE editors. Version 5.5.3 includes lots of bug fixes, security and performance improvements, and, most importantly, Zotero and Mendeley plugins that are pre-installed in all solutions:

@TheFuzzStone, thanks for your feedback! We know that a lot of users are waiting for this feature, and we are working on it. At the moment we can't say exactly when we introduce it. Stay tuned for further information.

The University of Nantes transformed its sharing platform into a whole digital collaboration environment UNCloud, based on open source solutions @ONLYOFFICE and @nextcloud. Read our blog for more information:

New chapter of @ONLYOFFICE chronicles is out! This time we are sharing the story of the 4th year of @ONLYOFFICE (formerly known as TeamLab) project:

Good news, everyone! The latest version of @ONLYOFFICE connector for Alfresco with new useful features is already available:

- Force save
- Document previews

More details are coming soon!

Great news everyone!

@ONLYOFFICE developers created two more helpful plugins, Mendeley and Zotero, which stand next to EasyBib in our collection of perfect tools for building high quality bibliographies for papers and books. Read our blog to find out more:

Read the story of the North-West University (NWU) in South Africa where the combined solution of Nextcloud and @ONLYOFFICE was implemented to ensure secure data exchange and safe collaboration on research documents:

Our contributors help us improve @ONLYOFFICE solutions and make them available for millions of users from all over the world by creating connectors, reporting bugs, writing documentation and translating content into their languages. Today, we would like to tell you about Marie-Jo Kopp Castinel, her passion for open source and office suites, and her role in @ONLYOFFICE:

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