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Thanks for watching our talk at the Univention Summit!

We especially appreciate your interesting questions and engagement.

Please, feel free to visit virtual stand at the Univention Summit to ask your questions and exchange ideas!

At the Univention Summit, Patrick Ziegler is talking about UCS@school and necessary apps within this platform, including for secure document editing.

At the G-Cloud 12 Summit, Konstantin Maistrenko from is giving his presentation about .

At the Univention Summit, Frank Karlitschek from is talking about seamless document editing and collaboration within Nextcloud provided by .

The G-Cloud 12 Summit is live now!

Konstantin Maistrenko from will give a presentation about products available on G-Cloud:

Don’t miss today's talk by
Galina Goduhina, Head of Sales at , at 2:00 pm.

The topic is tackling the challenges of the pandemic with

More information:

Summit is in full play! Ingo Steuwer reviews plans for further development of UCS.

The G-Cloud 12 Summit is about to start, so don't forget to register here if you want to join in:

is an official sponsor of the event.

The 20th Annual Strategic Project & Portfolio Management for Pharma starts today! As a silver sponsor, will have a virtual booth and give a talk on 29 January at 13:40 CET. Stay tuned for more news!

At CS3 2021, Pedro Ferreira mentioned as a reliable document editing app within the CS3MESH4EOSC project:

Interesting statistics fact: at CERN, the number of daily sessions in is 20 times more than that of Online according to Maria Alandes Pradillo:

Did you know that is the default app to work with DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files in CERNBox?

Maria Alandes Pradillo from CERN talks about deploying and maintaining within the CERNBox infrastructure:

Time for a deep dive into data encryption in ! Join our live presentation by Korotaev Mikhail:

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