Great news, everyone! To celebrate the end of WebWeek 2020, we are giving away 5 Home Servers, professional self-hosted editors for home use.

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We’ll name the winners next week. Stay tuned for more news from our team!

Join web conference for German-speaking schools and universities at 10:00 am (Berlin time) on October 27:

connector v.6.1.0 for is already available with:

✔️ File preview generation;
✔️ Saving co-authors’ names and local time in Version History;
✔️ Using guests’ names from Talk and more

Do you want to know more about new features in v11?

Join our workshop on October 20:

desktop editors v6.0 with pivot tables and other important improvements for spreadsheets are already available for Windows, Linux and macOS:

Today, there has been a lot of news from team. For your convenience, here are the links to find out more about our new products and updates:

🔴 New product portfolio by ONLYOFFICE:
🔴 ONLYOFFICE Workspace:
🔴 Version 6.0 of ONLYOFFICE Docs:

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We are happy to invite you to WebWeek 2020 — a series of online presentations, workshops and social media activities to introduce big updates in the product line. More details in our blog:

participated in the Digital Workplace conference which took place from 22 to 24 September in Paris. Read this article for more details about our new experience of combining face-to-face and online activities:

Four solutions have been officially launched on Digital Marketplace, UK government’s platform for tech specialists and software vendors providing services and technology for public sector in the UK. Read more in our blog:

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