@ONLYOFFICE integrated in your @nextcloud solution allows you to insert watermarks into your docs to protect any confidential or sensitive information they might contain. Read our blog to learn the details:


Are you using a rare or old Linux distribution but you still need powerful document editing? Try portable @ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors available as AppImage:


Did you know that an online office suite can be an indispensable tool for organizing sporting events? Read this post to learn how @ONLYOFFICE helps the Sud Sport team successfully build a collaborative environment:


Good news, everyone!

@ONLYOFFICE released an official connector for Nuxeo. Our connector became the first partner certified add-on on Nuxeo Marketplace:


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the @ONLYOFFICE project, we have created a lot of interactive content and collected everything for you in one post – our memories, achievements, discounts, contests and much more:


Today @ONLYOFFICE is celebrating its 10th anniversary🎂

To celebrate this special event, we launched a contest for developers. All you need to take part in the contest is to create your own plugin for @ONLYOFFICE editors! More information in our blog:


P.S. Don't forget to boost this toot on FOSSTODON so that as many users as possible can participate in our contest.

Have you ever heard of Escuelas Linux? It's a feature-rich Linux distribution created for educational purposes. @ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors are included by default:


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