Great news everyone!

It's time for an Docs 7.0 giveaway.

Three people will get a free Docs Home Server with the new version. Just boost this message to participate.

We will announce randomly chosen winners on Friday, January 21.

Version 7.0 in our blog:

Nice. I'm boosting, but I don't need onlyoffice, feel free to take me out of the list of participants.

@ONLYOFFICE so if I win I might share my Installation for testing purposes with the other contestants (if they are really interested) who did not win, since 3 for 7 makes it awful to lose. Hope that it's not against the rules.

@chfkch Hi, one license of ONLYOFFICE Docs Home Server is for installation on one server. So, you can't actually share the license file with others. But you can add up to 10 users. The only requirement is that Home Server is not for commercial use.

@ONLYOFFICE yes that is what I meant with sharing, I meant sharing access for testing 😂

@chfkch In this case, you can freely share access with other users. One license file supports up to 10 users.

@ONLYOFFICE now you just have to announce the winners of did I miss it?

@ONLYOFFICE I mean I think it is for the common good of we provide test access to a larger number of users because of they like it they might recommend it (or - as in my case promote it at my company of it is suitable)

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